Due to COVID-19 the #acro24seven events have been cancelled! Stay tuned for 2021 – we will be back 🙂 !!!


The concept of this jam week is that every participant has a balanced give and take basis. If there are tricks that you are not 100% comfortable with, you will find the necessary time and spotters to succeed. As a spotter you are able to learn from the ones working on a specific trick, and most likely you can try the trick yourself, if you are interested.


DATE: 08. – 15. August 2020 (7 nights)

TRAINING: 6 full days of acro

LOCATION: Faia (next to Guarda, north-east of Portugal)

COSTS: € 500,- to € 605,- 

INCLUDES: 3 vegetarian organic meals per day, shuttle service, etc.

PRE-REQS: 30 sec spotted handstand, stable star & side star, f2h

Eat & sleep

In order to provide you with enough energy, there will be three vegetarian meals a day. All meals are prepared using regional organic food. At the farm they produce their own virgin olive oil, jams, chutneys and juice from freshly picked fruits. They dry tomatoes, tea, and much more, depending on the season.

To recover best from the training, you can either sleep next to the beautiful river in a yurt, in one of the tasty smelling wooden houses, or in one of the rooms of the old farm house.


In order to stay healthy and to prevent injuries, we provide a daily schedule. See it as a guide line that can be adapted during the week.

  • Every morning there will be a guided yoga warm up in the 100 sqm yoga tent.
  • Followed by a delicious breakfast.
  • Right after breakfast, there will be a slot of two and a half hours of jam time on our 120 sqm acro space.
  • During lunch break we provide another tasty meal and you have time to gain energy, relax or take a swim in the river next by.
  • In the afternoon there will be at least two more hours of acro jam, followed by a half an hour cool down. 
  • After dinner it is up to you: free jam, thai massage, stretching or chilling next to the training space in the chill out lounge.
  • We define a topic as a guide line for every morning jam. The group can either work on the topic together or decide to choose a different one. For example washing machines, hand2hand, photo shooting poses (including a shooting for everybody), icarian, etc.

Costs & Services


  • Yurt (incl. mattress) or your own Camper: € 500,-
  • Cabana (two beds) or Single Caravan: € 550,-
  • Double room: € 605,-
  • Single room on request

Towels and bed linen are included!


  • 7x nights
  • 7x breakfast and dinner, 6x lunch
  • 6x guided morning yoga
  • Tea, coffee & fruits all day long
  • Shuttle service from Guarda to Faia and back.