Due to COVID-19 the #acro24seven events have been cancelled! Stay tuned for 2021 – we will be back 🙂 !!!

What is acro24seven about?

Every day we think about acro, we live acro, and we love to share our passion for acro. Since we do acro, we have been taught at retreats & conventions, and by watching videos in the internet. 

But, there is always too little time to understand and master new tricks. In jams though, there is this great, playful atmosphere, without any pressure of time. The focus can be put on understanding and refining tricks, without being limited by anything.
And this is where the idea of #acro24seven was born.
The concept of acro jams play a key role in our events. It’s about learning from each other in a safe and playful environment, with enough time to learn new tricks, but also to refine old ones.
Check out our two acro events – #jam24seven & #retreat24seven!


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Our events

We are offering two events in August 2020: the #retreat24seven, followed by our #jam24seven – for details and more information click on the buttons below the images.

Creating memories

We create unforgettable memories by offering you at least one photo shoot. Last time we had three, Lex was just unstoppable. Follow this link to see all pictures: Image gallery

night shoot Lex, Patrizia and Sara
Marta backband
Training space with people doing acro
Cous Cous with tomatos
night shoot Xavier and Eira
Patrizia and Tim Standing Faia

Who we are

We are acrobats, hippies, handstanders, yogis, photographers, graphic artists, physiotherapists, information technicians, human beings and above all people who like to move.

We „found“ each other at the Partner-Acrobatics teacher training in August 2018. Our common home base is Graz, Austria. Here we teach acro & yoga. By combining our various abilities, we want to create the best possible experience for you! No matter if we meet for a coffee, acro or whatever we do, the emphasis will be on having fun! 

Join and play with us! Clara & Lex from Black Pearl Movement, Patrizia & Tim from NoGravity Acro


Picture of Lex
Picture of Patrizia
Picture of Tim

Contact us

Do you have any questions, comments or feedback? Drop us a line! We will get back to you soon.